Partnering and Licensing: What are the best choices?

Partnering and LicensingMake the right choice

Choosing the right partners is vital to ensuring successful commercial outcomes for your technology, platform or operational capability. Assessing the right partner requires the same careful due diligence as required for every stage of commercialisation, from product development to marketing, from in- and out-licencing to M&A, and deal structuring.

Gain clear answers

That means you need clear answers to questions such as:

  • How do we identify the right partners to help commercialise our technology?
  • How do we assess their suitability and competence?
  • Who are the best candidates for licensing our technology - and how do we approach them?
  • Where along the supply chain do we need to license complementary technologies?
  • What value does partnering bring?

Partner identification and analysis is the process of matching clients and their technologies with a prioritised target list of candidates for partnership, alliance and other transactions. This requires in-depth knowledge of the market and the key players in it, and a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Apply due diligence

Corelli Consulting provides the research and quantitative analysis needed to gauge the value of a platform or product, along with an assessment of significant factors - type of partner, stage of development, innovative merit, product type, and deal scope.

Corelli Consulting identifies potential partners by a due diligence approach which:

  • Identifies key players in market sectors of interest and major global jurisdictions;
  • Considers the corporate reputation and financial performance of candidate partners;
  • Evaluates the skills, capability and capacity that potential partners bring to the relationship;
  • Assesses the fit between the client and the candidate partner;
  • Assesses the potential partner’s appetite for a licensed or acquired technology in terms of niche, stage of development or technology platform;
  • Analyses the recent global deal history for comparable technologies, based on the platform, product or service, market niche or jurisdiction;
  • Provides decision-making support for in- and out-licensing transactions, acquisition or divestment, collaborative agreements or partnering arrangements; and
  • Provides guidance on deal size as well as on deal terms and structuring.

Read how Corelli Corelli advised this Cosmeceuticals & Neutraceuticals company on opportunities to partner its proprietary product candidates.

Consider the best licence options

Suitable licensing models depend on the nature of the technology and its potential value to a licensing partner - core or non-core, competitive, complementary and so on. An example might be in new drug development: the technology in question may be a promising new drug that needs to in-licence a delivery mechanism, which is both non-core and non-competitive. Both need to be reflected in the licensing deal.

At Corelli Consulting, we’ve found that thoughtful partnering and licensing can yield highly productive collaborations, such as biotech companies gaining access to clinical trials and regulatory expertise, manufacturing or marketing capabilities. The flipside is that companies (for instance in pharmaceuticals or agritechnology) can gain access to emerging technologies, proprietary products, and the leading edge thinking behind them.

Read the Cosmeceuticals & Neutraceuticals Success Story or contact us about defining the best partnering and licensing options for your technology or venture.

Client feedback

"Dianne was incredibly thorough in her research and understanding of the company

….she developed a deep understanding of our market place, its dynamics and levers…and provided us with an excellent and detailed report covering not only the company’s future and its opportunities in the longer term, but also about the current hurdles we faced executing our short term goals.

What she provided was clear, easily understood and executable.."
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